Spray tan preparation routine step by step✨👍😉

If this is your first time getting a spray tan or the 100th time your preparation matters! To get the best out of your spray tan it is advisable to follow these steps below which I have wrote out step by step for you. First off preparation should be done 24 hours before you go to your spray tan. Deciding your shade should be the first thing on your mind, light ? medium? or extra dark? Also take a look at google reviews of different spray tanners in your area and find the correct one for yourself.

Never ever shave or wax before you go for a spray tan as the tan can go into the pores causing discoloration and sensitivity to your skin! Shave or wave 2 to 3 day before and try to remember this rule as it will save you from being extremely itchy lol.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

You want to get the best out of your spray tan and have a nice shade and longevity of the tan, to do this you must scrub away the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin in a bath or shower 1 day before your spray tan is applied, you can use a body brush and gently brush away at your legs and arms, concentrating on ankles, knees and elbows. You must cleanse you face of all makeup and avoid deodorant after your wash, as any product on your body can interfere with the tans development.

Wear black clothes! Tan will make a mess of your clothes once you get dressed so your better off wearing something loose fitting and black for the onwards as the tan is still setting. If you wear tight fighting black clothes tis could result in lines on your body 😦 Not a good look at all.

If possible wear nail polish as it protects nails from decolouration, before your bath or shower paint your nails your favourite colour. Neon’s look fabulous with a tan 😉

Another little tip is to look at the different brands of fake tan that salons have on offer, not all spray tan ingredients are the same and you need to research especially if you have allergies. Some fake tans have argan oil in them and some people are allergic and it causes extreme itching all over ! If you have had a bad reaction before don’t let let that put you off trying again, its just a lesson.


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