Mascara Hacks Every Girl Should Know 😁😻

Every few months there is always a new mascara on the scene, thicker, longer and more powerful than ever ! Beauty companies invent new names like million dollar eyes and push up drama. Whatever mascara you prefer to use here are some simple hacks to improve your beauty routine 👏😘

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To revive old dried up mascara boil some water and put it in a cup then add your mascara for a few minutes. This should do the trick !

For fuller thicker looking eyelashes apply your mascara over the top of your eyelash and brush down… then do the normal brushing up the way.. repeat on next eye and wallah.. beautiful eyelashes ( just be careful while brushing down the way lol 😂 )

Don`t pump your mascara wand in and out the tube a lot as this is what dries the formula out by letting air in.

Before applying your mascara if you like to use eyelash curlers…..give them a heat with your blow-dryer then curl. Be careful about how hot they are though !

Always use Q tips to remove any stains around your eye. Do it quickly though as you don`t want to be wiping hard and spoil your mascara.

If your mascara game is really strong and you like a lot on.. you can use your hairdryer cool blast setting to help the mascara dry in to your lashes.. fantastic tip and it takes seconds !

Apply your mascara then add a little baby powder to your eyelashes with a qtip then apply your mascara over it again.. this will create volume and fullness !


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