Home Bargains Vanity Case | Review | Only £20 😯😻

So who exactly is Olivia Hale ? Is she a beauty blogger, a makeup artist or somebody made up ? It all started when I got myself a lovely new makeup case before Christmas for storage. I spotted it in home bargains and at £20 pound I thought it was a brilliant bargain, I already have cases like this one but just not of this size. The amount of space inside is fantastic.

A few months later I went back for another one as I was getting so much interest from everyone about where it was from, The tag said Olivia Hale on it, I thought it must be a celebrity from love island etc but when I got home to google I couldn’t find out who it was. There were so many beauty vloggers doing olivia hale makeup reviews but no mention of who it is. So this is an itch I have to scratch…. who is olivia hale ??

I have tweeted home bargains to ask.. who exactly is olivia hale ? So well see what they come up with, if I’m honest they should keep it secret because it seems more interesting not to know the answer.

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