Barry m | neon brights pallete | review + Swatches 🤔👎🤦‍♀️

This eyeshadow pallete retails at £7.99 instore and online, I was given this pallete as a gift and was very happy with it as I love neon eyeshadows… only to find that only about 2 shades in the pallete are actually neon… wtf ??

I hate misleading marketing and as blogger its my job to do reviews and give my honest opinion on products and this product is a big no no… I don’t understand how any body can get away with calling a pallete neon brights when only 2 shades are actually bright!

I would no recommend this pallete at all, some of the shades are so pastel they are weak and then some shades have some glitter in them which it does not state on the front. Barry M has lost me on this one. Its very plain to see they are ripping off thier fans by misleadingly calling it ” neon brights” there’s no way that’s neon at all.

When I done some swatches on my arm I used a camera flash and the only two shades that came up bright were the glittery yellow and the pale blue, under my camera light the pallette/swatches does look brighter but in real lighting the shades are so weak. Big disappointment ! I don’t think its possible to create neon eye looks with this product at all ;(

The shades I like the most are scorched and laser beam but overall I don’t like this pallette at all, its not bright enough for me. What are your opinions on this ?

Leave your thoughts and comment below!


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