Ikrush | lucky dips | review | what did i get ? + styling πŸ˜‰πŸ‘‘πŸ‘—πŸ‘š

Ikrush.com like a few other fashion boutiques do mystery bags called ” lucky dips” they have a clothing one and a footwear one. you receive one item and can give them your shoesize and dress size and then wait on a surprise in the post! I ordered a few just for a bit of fun and I want to show you what I received and also how I styled it.

So in my lucky dips I received, a pair of black fluffy slippers, Black shiny boots, Brown leather style boots, velvety grey heeled boots and a green dress. See all the pictures below, it was a bit of hit and miss. The items I liked most were the brown boots and fluffy slippers.

Styling these boots up with a tracksuit and some leg warmers will look so good, plus the boots are so comfy inside and I don’t feel my heel rubbing when I walk so that’s really good. I’m going to take a look at what other shoes ikrush have online. I also got a green dress which is a little too big for me and just not my style at all was a bit disappointed as it would have been better if it was a t-shirt or hoodie but hey thats the whole point of the lucky dip.

Overall I enjoyed the process of waiting on my surprises and the fact I didn’t know what was coming, it was fun. So I would recommend lucky dips from online boutiques but there will always be items that you don’t like and that’s just part of the surprise because not everyone’s taste is the same.

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