My biggest hairstyle change and how I’m treating my hair (with avocado hair mask recipe)

The Natural Glow Guide

My hair journey isn’t unique at all, and like so many, I’ve experienced a love-hate relationship with my brown tresses. After years of dyeing, straightening, and neglecting my hair, I decided to go heat-free. And while my hair is the healthiest it’s ever been, after many years of embracing my natural hair, it felt like my hair never fully healed.

The healing process was disheartening at times since many girls would comment on my hair. While I would change in PE, one girl would make a point to touch my hair and inspect my hair and say it looked “really dry”. There were also many instances when people told me my hair would look “so much better” if I just “did it” (a term referencing the straightening of your hair).

As I grew older and less susceptible to snarky comments, I realised there was absolutely nothing wrong with my type…

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