Avon | Advanced Techniques Illuminating Serum | Review ✨😜💯

This Avon hair product has been around for years! It is one of my favourite Shine serums to use and has the best results ever. I can say this product 100 percent works!! this is a re-purchase item time and time again and I always have this in my hairdressing kit.

Advance Techniques Ultimate Shine Illuminating Serum, for a high-beam, vibrant shine that lasts from day to night. Crystal Light Technology and Silk Amino Acids envelope each strand to help to smooth dry ends and reduce frizz. Shine bright like a diamond!

• Leaves hair with a mirror-like shine.
• With Crystal Light Technology and Silk Amino Acids.
• 30ml.

Only £4.00 !!

For me I always get a super shine finish and also a very frizz free look, the softness of the hair is brilliant too, as a a hairdresser I would recommend this product to people who desire a very straight hairstyle and people that are curly haired or have a lot of frizz. To use you would shampoo and condition as normal, Towel dry hair a little and them put only 2 small pumps of this serum in your hands and work it from root to tip. Then blow dry straight, if using straighteners after blow drying apply a heat protector too !

Word of warning this serum can give you a greasy look of you apply to many pumps ! just a minimal amount goes a long way, also after applying brush hair through for more serum distribution or put the towel in your hair as a turban and allow a few minutes of the product to work on the hair xx


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