Clairol | semi permanent Indigo | review + pictures

Hello all my lovely readers and subscribers! Today I wanted to do an experiment on an old training doll of mine! I had an old doll that had a faded blonde money piece ant the front and a faded crazy colour sort of rainbow at the back, crazy colour is not permanent and washes out gradually… only thing is I needed this dolls underside to be back to dark brown or blonde to apply my clairol colour crave semi permanent !! So I thought to hell with it I will just stick on some bleach and see if it will get it to fade more… wrong! Bleaching it was a waste of time and I should have used a colour before, the bleach faded it just a little but otherwise I have probably allowed the crazy colour deeper into the cuticle by bleaching it..silly me. I’m not really in the know about how to remove a crazy colour completely and thats something I will need to learn, I can apply any semi permanent crazy colour and usually its just the case of letting it be washed out over time… Anyway back to the review!

Old doll head with faded crazy colours at the back

Clairol semi permanent color crave come in many different colors with cool names such as orchid and daffodil, I have picked flamingo and indigo. I went with indigo this time and will be using flamingo for another time. They come in cute little boxes with an applicator brush which is handy! You can do highlights and lowlights or money pieces or anything that comes to mind and it will wash out within a month or so. the boxes also look so similar to the “hair makeup “range they have so be careful not to confuse the two of your looking out for this product!

My Tools!!

My tools, paddle brush for blow drying, sectioning comb… bleach, mixing bowl etc… so annoying to clean it all out when finished with it though !!

The colour of choice “indigo”

To dilute this hair colour, mix it in a mixing bowl with a bit of conditioner and this will make it look more diluted, always wear gloves as this will stain your hands and also your clothes, dying hair is messy business.

Applied bleach over the crazy colour in an attempt to fade it away
My results!

Some areas did not take the colour properly due to prior colouring! Mistakes I made where that I should not have bleached the hair before hand I could have just put it over the crazy colour area and had the same results, If you have blonde hair this colour will show amazingly well, if you have really dark hair its advised to bleach beforehand on areas you wish to apply such as bleaching some streaks or an underpanel like my dolls and you will get better results and better colour show than what I did on my doll. Overall I like the colour and think if applied to properly bleached hair or already existing light hair it will turn out fab!

Can see some colour peeking through but better when hair is styled up !

Once My doll is dry I am doing to apply heat protector and go over it with some curling tongs, then add some shine spray. Always use heat protector while using tongs or straighteners… let me know if you have used Clairol semi permanent dye in your hair and if so what did you do ? tell me in the comments section xx

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