Professional Travel Make Up Bag | Review ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ˜œ

This Flamingo pink travel makeup bag is so pretty and functional, You can use it for your make-up or nail polishes and just about any other beauty bits and bobs you can think of. You can easily carry this case or put it into a luggage bag for traveling. I love the facts you have a separate bit for makeup brushes and also a zip compartment. A lot of items can fit in this case and I think its a very good traveling makeup bag !

The case is easy to clean out with wet wipes, as you might get some spilled foundation or eyeshadow over time.. lol.

As you know on this blog I always post about make-up and beauty storage products, I just cannot get enough of storage! and also storage ideas etc. In the pictures I just filled it up with odds bits just to illustrate what it looks like but you can get far more stuff inside than what I have in my images. let me know in the comments section if you like this bag ? and what you do to store makeup during travel xx

This is available in different designs such as marble or black, click here to see other pretty designs available.

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