Cien pro vitamin shampoo and conditioner | Lidl beauty | Review ✨💯

You can find budget beauty and hair care in lidl under the cien brand and today I am doing a review on the 300 ML pro vitamin shampoo and conditioner repair and protect which you can pick up in lidl for only 99p each, I have put it to the test to see if this is a haircare bargain or not. Also I have done a review of the cien coconut and lychee shampoo and conditioner click here to see!

Ok so lidls pro vitamin repair and protect shampoo and conditioner claims it is for damaged and dry hair, it all claims to make hair glossier and easy to comb through and that the pro vitamin b5 gently coats each strand without weighing it down ? Nourishes the hair etc etc…

So you wouldn’t really expect much of a 99p hair product, you would say maybe something around 6 pound or 10 would do all of that for your hair and a really cheap shampoo/conditioner would just be basic. I read on some other beauty blogs that there was a study where girls were given a hair product worth about 90 pounds and also a cien lidl shampoo/conditioner and didn’t know which was one they had, the results were that they liked the cien one better!

I found this shampoo and conditioner to be better than I thought, my hair was very shiney after blow drying and also felt less dry. It has a good fragrance and feels gentle on my scalp. have you tried anything from the cien range? let us know in the comment section ?


One thought on “Cien pro vitamin shampoo and conditioner | Lidl beauty | Review ✨💯

  1. Just tried lidl mega volume shampoo and conditioner for the1st time. Smells great but had to use more shampoo to get a lather, conditioner left hair soft but as it was drying my hair was like straw and I couldn,t get the comb through it. Never again ! !


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