Cien hydrating shampoo and conditioner | Herbal essences dupe | Review ✨😉

Lidls Cien range have herbal essence dupes on sale for about 99pe each, The bottle is so similar to herbal essences design and also the look and feel of the product. I picked up cien hydrating shampoo and conditioner to review for all my readers.

Just like herbal essence 😊😉

“Cien deep hydrating shampoo/conditioner has been created to help give your hair deep moisture, for dry and damaged hair that requires nourishing, enjoy the fragrance of coconut extract as it helps replenish your hair. leaving your hair soft, silky and smelling amazing.”

So I was practising a bob cut on one of my training dolls heads and decided to test out these hair products on the dolls hair, the dolls hair has been bleached and also had a light pink applied to it and felt very damaged and dry. See pictures below. After blow-drying the hair I was surprised at how soft the hair felt and also had a brilliant shine to it. Id say this is a fantastic budget dupe of herbal essences haircare range and would recommend this for dry damaged hair, it also has 0% paraffin and for 400ml for about 99p that’s fantastic.

Good quality finish after a blow dry 👌
High shine 💯

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