tweezerman/sephora mini tweezer dupes from primark! so cute 🐱😁👀✨

Picked up these cute micro mini tweezers from primark for £1:50, they are so sweet and cute and perfect for a travel bag. These are by far the best dupes of tweezermans mini set that I have seen. there is a micro mini tweezer set with a wallet selling for 30 pound on the tweezerman website and the exact same are in primark for £1:50 but minus the wallet.

This set contains: 
– Angled-tip tweezer 
– Pointed-tip tweezer 
– Flat-tip tweezer 
– Slanted-point tweezer 

I’m not sure if there’s any more like this set in Primark with a mini wallet to match but that would be pretty cool for Primark to develope. New look also have mini tweezers for 5 pounds and there are are a few other shops with similar products but obviously primark is by far the best price !

I get so excited about cute mini beauty products, I’m a fan of travel minis bigtime and will hopefully have a travel section added to my blog pretty soon. If you liked this blog post please like, share, subscribe ! I appreciate all my followers and read all my comments xx


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