Primark | Angled Curler | Review πŸ˜˜πŸ’₯✨

Angled curlers are new to the hair scene and Primark has jumped on bored to offer one in the haircare range for only 12 pound. I tested it out for my readers, have a look at the pictures below to see the results.

angled curler ⭐🌠

I test this out on a training dolls head and it was so different from using normal curlers ! It will take a moment to get used to curling hair with angled curler! Once or twice I burned my hands but it was a good experience overall and gave me great results, I toke small sections at a time and then styled the dolls head. It might look better if I had chunkier sections. When using heated tools on hair its best to use a heat protection spray, Id suggest using one along with this product. Click here if your interested in my heat protection guide.

First time using the angled curler ⭐✨
Didn’t get the ends properly πŸ˜…

The ends are a little hookie… So I need to perfect holding the ends properly but overall this product did the trick and at only 12 pound it’s a bargain. The settings are so easy to navigate too and it’s cleverly designed. Thanks Primark 😘🌹

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