Your guide to heat protection sprays | Tips, Tricks and Advice 🔥😄👱‍♀️

Heat protection sprays work by shielding the hair from heat damage while you are working with hot styling tools, they build a protective barrier between your strands and heated tools. Heat damage can cause keratin to break down, hair discolouration and breakage etc.

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Heat protectors work by allowing the hair to heat up gradually instead of suddenly resulting in less shock and damage. Heat breaks the hair cuticle resulting in split ends and breakage etc. Heat protection sprays only stop about 50 percent of damage. There is no heat protector product that fully protects hair !
Fine or already damaged hair requires the lowest heat setting on your styling tools! so please watch your settings, try not to use heated tools everyday on your hair as this will minimise damage. Another piece of good advice is if your heat tool gives of steam and sizzles with contact with hair you are far too hot on settings. You do not need the highest setting to style your hair! Its best to work quick with heated tools and minimise contact with the hair as you move around.
Do not use straightners, curlers or any other heated tools on wet hair even damp hair, no no no. This will burn your hair. When applying a heat protection spray make sure your hair is half dry, like damp. Then spray on and move hands through from root to ends. You can also just apply to dry hair before moving to your heated tools.
Heat protection spray can also go by the name heat protection mist or serum but its all the same thing, you can also find dual use heat protection sprays which are super handy! Such as label m heat protection mist has pro vitamin b5 for a soft smooth finish and also protects against uv rays.

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