Reasons why curls aren`t holding in hair | How to make curls last longer | Tips, tricks and advice

Nothing worse than spending ages styling your hair into a lovely curly finish, only for it to look at the end of the day! If your going to take time out to curl your hair make sure you prepare correctly…. the secret of keeping you curls content and in for days is products! products products products. That is your magic word.

When curling your hair, let the curls set and cool down before letting them go. This is a good trick. When hair cools down it stays that way. Click here to learn about the cool setting on your hair dryer. So spiral up the curl with your fingers while its still hot and pin it to your scalp. Work in sections… if you need a visual of what pin curls look like click here to see me do it step by step.

Advice & Tricks

Another piece of advice is don`t brush your hair after curling and leave your curls tight as they will drop naturally throughout the day.

Curls stay in greasy, oily, unwashed hair believe it or not. This is whats called working with “dirty hair”

Instead of using heated tools to create curls, do it without tools, such as putting your hair into pigtail braids on each side while your hair is a little damp, wear it overnight. In the morning take it out and your hair would have set curly!

Handy videos with some great tips!


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