What is LED Red light therapy? | Benefits and Advice

Red light therapy ( RLT) is a therapeutic technique using red or near infrared light to affect skin wrinkles, wound healing and scars etc, Like any treatment it is important to research it first before you go ahead. As of now there are many studies going on about red light therapy and many others ongoing. Study outcomes are really positive and can be found online if you want to do more research on this topic.

Photo by SHVETS production on Pexels.com

The red light is absorbed by the cells in your skin and they can use the light, it is an energy source so to speak for the cells to use. They can respond better to damage and repair damage with the red lights energy. Many experts have talked about the benefits of red light therapy. Studies have been done that concluded that red light therapy can :

Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Improve your complexion

Increasing collagen production

Improving scars and speeding up wound healing


Red light therapy can decrease inflammation and bacteria, acne comes with inflammation. Red light therapy is a chemical free treatment for acne, you can google ” red light therapy acne before and after ” on google you can find some fantastic reviews. Blue light can also aide in helping acne go away, it also used along side RLT to fight acne. More research is needed to determine the effects on acne but a lot of people have claimed good results.


The most popular uses of red light therapy is to slow down signs of ageing, as red light can increase the production of collagen, elastin in the skin. This in turn can decrease fine lines, which makes it the perfect anti ageing therapy.

Pain management

If your not into replenishing your collagen then RLT can also be used to help ease pains, by improving blood flow to damaged tissues and decreases inflammation. Applying the light to different areas of your body with pain for 10 minutes daily can lower pain. An article in the journal Photochemistry and Photobiology published a study on infrared’s ability to stimulate nerves and support wound healing. That study concluded, “Nerve cells respond particularly well to infrared radiation.

How often should I use Red Light Therapy

You should use RLT once a day on targeted areas, keep a diary of results such as less pain or reduced acne or skin conditions etc. Then tailor the experience to suit your needs such as bringing the time up to 20 minutes every 2 days for back aches etc. Make sure you are targeting your problems with the correct RLT device and just do whats best for you. Studies have shown ZERO side effects of red light therapy but to be on the safe side as most studies are in early days I wouldn`t suggest using it for hours every day. Space it out and record your results.

If you have tried RLT please add your comments and advice to comment section below, interested to hear about your results and how this has helped you.


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