Primark | Blackhead Suction Tool | Review 😮⚡✨

Primark now has a blackhead suction tool added to their large collection of skincare products ! For only 10 pound you can get this fantastic product at a budget price as similar devices sell online from between £25 to £50 pound.

This blackhead suction tool removes blackheads, cleans particles from pores, increases blood circulation and helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines. It comes with 4 removable heads and can be charged via usb. There are 3 different settings and the device is so easy to operate, easy to hold and use.

This product is amazing for only 10 pound, I have reviewed a more expensive type of device and this one does the same thing at a fraction of the price. A must buy ! It really does remove dirt from the skin and pull out blackheads from the pores, for best results steam your face first !

If you have a blackhead or skincare problem please go to my Skincare page, I have a lot of tips and tricks on there xx


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