How to start your own blog | Guide | Tips & Tricks

Welcome to my how to start your own blog guide, First off if you want to create your own blog you need to pick a theme… are you wanting to write about travel ? Then you are a travel blogger! Want to write about money ? maybe just makeup or even animals. You can make a blog about anything as long as your passionate about the subject.

Step 1 Choosing what you want to write about

My blog is about hair care, makeup, lifestyle, travel and recently added a money section, so overall this blog would fit the lifestyle blog category. I started off just wanting to write about products and then had other ideas along the way. If you are already employed in the industry you want to blog about then you are at a complete advantage. For instance if you work in fashion and want to do fashion blogging then this is perfect. As a fashion blogger you already know about trends and how to style items, you even get invited to local or national fashion events. Whatever you choose to blog about make it your interest and you cant fail.

Step 2 Coming up with a blog name ( most are taken )

Thinking up a blog name is harder than ever as so many people are running blogs and have already started using the name… you need a name that matches the theme you are writing about. Example is ” Lucys Fashion World” for a fashion blogger or ” Fashionable Lucy ” You need something that will stick. This can take a long time deciding. You name will also be your domain name !

Step 3 Registering your domain name

You can get a free blog from

and free blogs from other blog hosts! If you want to look more professional I would suggest buying( renting ) a domain name ( with a .com) This can be more pricey.. If you are just starting out your best to get the hang of a free blog to start with.

Step 4 Getting word out about your blog starting

You need to get word out to the public about your blog, post your blog link to family and friends on twitter and facebook etc. Getting views will make your blog successful but it can be very hard to get readers to come back. You can make a blog page on twitter or pinterest solely for your blog updates and use hashtags to get your blog seen by other users. There are blogging communities you can join on twitter, facebook and countless others, these are a good way of networking with other bloggers.


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