Feng shui in your bedroom for self care and mental clarity ๐ŸŒŒ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ˜ฏ

This information is not scientific*

Feng shui is an practise that establishes harmony between and individual and their environment with the use of arranging objects and harness energy forces in the surroundings. you can parctise feng shui at the office, your business or at home. In this article were are concentrating on feng shui inside the bedroom.

The bed is very important in feng shui and it is said if you have your bed directly facing the door ( example your feet are facing the door) this can make you ill and bring back luck into your life, as the energy forces entering through the door can affect you.

Smell, touch, sound and taste are all important factors while choosing the decor and positioning of objects in the bedroom. Under the bed clutter in feng shui is a no no, as it is thought this will clutter your mind and the energy below the bed will translate in your daily life, causing sleep disturbances and stress. That means you will need to struggle to rid of all that stuff under your bed, haha.

Clutter and disorganisation can bring negative energy into your home, the bed should be in the ” command position ” which is the perfect position for your room. So basically its all about positive and negative energy, allowing energy to move through the room. Entry ways should be easy to access.

Sunlight flowing into the home can make you feel more energetic and less depressed. Organic bedding is very important in feng shui as you sleep with the energy of the objects in your bed. It is said if you have been not well to purchase new blankets and bedding etc a the negative energy can remain on the objects.

Avoid placing a bed directly under a window as this can cause anxiety and sleep disturbances and energy can flow in through the window.

Thinking about creating some peaceful calming spaces in your home and harnessing the power of feng shui ? Check out lucky incense products such as waterfalls, incense burners and ideas for feng shui in the bedroom and also the office!

A few helpful videos if you are interested to know more :


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