Neal & Wolf | Nourishing Hair Oil | Review 🥰🗣

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Neal and wolf kindly sent some products for beauty banter to review, you can see the miracle blow dry mist review here!

This nourishing hair oil serum is a blend of three key ingredients Jojoba, Argan & Avocado. This oil can help your hair become soft, have a shine and be healthier after styling. You can apply this oil to damp hair or on finished hair. I would recommend applying this oil damp hair before blow drying, leave it on for a few minuets after brushing it through the hair with a brush.

Lovely bottle 💞

Jojoba oil is said to help prevent hair loss and is rich in vitamins that nourish the oil, argan oil can provide a great smooth finish to the hair if you are going to blow dry and straighten and want that super straight and sleek look. Avocado oil can help seal cuticles in your hair which in turn makes hair more smooth and healthy. There are many more benefits I could add but it would take too long. overall I think this hair oil is a super good product and it delivers the results!

I put it to the test on my friends hair which I blow dried then styled with a cute hair up. Her hair was dull with no shine. I added no other products to her damp hair only this product and the results were really good, see images below. You can see a good shine and the hair does not look dull anymore.

Before !!
After 🥰

What are your thoughts on this product ? Have you tried anything from neal and wolfs range before ? Let us know in the comment section ...

Click here to purchase neal and wolfs hair oil serum or see more info


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