20 Self-Care ideas to kickstart your Self – Care Routine

Stuck for ideas for self-care? Inspiration can be found below, remember once you have put yourself last on your priority list that becomes neglect. Do not neglect your emotional needs! You can add self-care activities to your everyday schedule or you can wait till the end of the week to have a massive pamper day such as a ” self care sunday ” whatever inspiration you take from my posts I hope it brings you happiness.

Ideas & Inspiration

Order your favourite meal one night, just because you want too!

Find a new coffee spot and get a lovely drink while you sit for 15 mins or so, or go to that new coffee spot you always wanted to try but don`t have the time.

Ask the grandparents to watch the kids for one night and go out to the cinema or have a glass of wine at home. They may be glad of the company of the kids.

Book yourself in to get a massage from a salon and de-stress. Look at some reviews on google for some massage parlours and choose out which one.

Write a list of all the things you are happy about in life, you will be surprised what comes to mind.

Go to the library or book store and buy that book you have always wanted. Ask for book recommendations from friends and family.

Have a busy schedule, buy a diary and have a look at the times you have free, Re order your activities around work and kids etc. Take another look and try and fit in self-care. Having an ordered diary is believe it or not a form of self-care. Do not take on more than you can chew. You get invited somewhere say ” Sorry i need to check my diary first “

Get some sun, Sunbathing for 15 minuets or so can do you the world of good. get out in the garden on a comfy seat or have a break at work, maybe sit outside and soak in the rays. Sun deprivation can bring on depression.

This one sounds odd but put on some makeup and a cute outfit… just because. Dont have to be invited anywhere or going out. Just wake up one day and glam up for the hell of it. Its fun and will lift your spirits.

Totally burnt out… take a bloody nap. set the alarm and give yourself 20 mins or so. Don`t feel guilty.

Have kids and find it difficult? Ask for help… have one night per week when the kids stay over with granny. This routine will give you an evening to yourself and you know they are safe with family. Your kids have uncles or aunts? Ask them if they could take your kids or kid out at least 1 day a month as a commitment, this will give you a day to plan/do other things.

Surprisingly a lot of people are not hydrated. Drink more water, carry a bottle to work. water can do more good than you know !

Have at least one evening a week when your phone is put off or on do not disturb. No looking at instagram or replying to texts… let people miss you. Refresh your brain.

Freshen up your bed! Get some new comfy pillows and a nice duvet set, make your bed super comfy to sleep in.

Steal an hour or two away from the kids by enrolling them in clubs that are nearby the house, drop them off at football practise or drama or art classes, each run for about 1 hour or more. You can go back home and have some self care time, maybe a bath, watch something, maybe just relax and do nothing at all until its time to pick them up again. Ofcourse classes cost money for kids but you get time alone and they get a new skill in a safe and fun environment. Its a win win situation.

Do some multitasking if you are pressed for time, for example your doing the dishes in the kitchen or ironing, put on your favourite podcast to listen to outloud while you work away or some music. You can also put a roller set in and a facemask and while you wait 15 mins for it to all work you could do another task such as folding the clothes away, ironing, doing business emails or even just watching netflix.

When was the last time you laughed? Sit down and watch some funny videos on youtube… have a little silly giggle.. Life is supposed to be fun… remember to laugh !!

Fit in your beauty and hair salon appointments once every 4 weeks and stick to it, upkeep yourself and don`t sway from the routine, money parted for your hair and beauty is money well spent.


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