The benefits of indian head massage | History & origins

The goal of an indian head massage is to release tension in the muscles and joints in the head, face, neck and shoulders.Usually done with the aid of oils. It is a calming and relaxing experience that can have many other benefits which we will go through in detail in this post.

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The origins of the indian head massage come from the himalayan region, it was an ayurveda treatment, a form of medicine. Practised in india for almost 1000 years! It was very popular with indian woman as they thought it can help the hair grow and maintain good hair health. Indian head massage was first introduced in the uk by  Dr, Narendra Mehtain the1970`s! Nowadays the treatment is popular among western cultures.

Indian head massage has evolved over many years and in the west can be found as a treatment in many beauty salons, experts say it can help you emotionally and with physical problems. Different oils can be used and your therapist should discuss this beforehand with you, incase you have any allergies etc.


Helps to relieve anxiety and depression with relaxation

Gets rid of built up tension in the head and neck, relieving muscle stiffness in turn reducing migraines.

Promoting hair growth by bringing more oxygen to the hair follicles.

Better sleep by reducing stress through relaxation and also less muscle tension in head, neck and shoulders.


You may have really sticky hair if an oil is applied, this can be hard to rinse out. If you havent had your scalp massaged before this can be an odd and firm feeling. if you think your therapist is pressing too hard tell her, everyone likes different firmness. A good therapist should ask you and communicate throughout. Some salons may not be very good and you can have a bad experience always go with reviews and word of mouth. Not every therapist is good at what they do. Lastly relax and enjoy and I hope you enjoy your indian head massage experience.


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