Heatstroke | What is it ? | What`s the symptoms and how do we manage it ? x

Heat exhaustion is when your body gets too hot, if not treated it can turn to heatstroke which can be life threatening. Heatstroke is caused by your body being exposed to temperatures around 40c and above, you body needs to be in a prolonged state of heat, that`s why it is important to cool down in extreme heat. Read my guide on how to stay cool in the summer here.

Heat exhaustion common symptoms are :

Sweating heavily


Very thirsty

Nausea & vomiting

If heat exhaustion is not treated it will move into heatstroke, heatstroke symptoms are as follows :

Body temperature above 40c

Seizures that can lead to coma

Skin may feel cool to touch deceptively

Dry swollen tongue

Extreme confusion

Move into cooler areas and drink lots of fluids, take down your body temperature with cold showers. Don`t exercise on super hot days and try your best to avoid exerting yourself. Please look out for kids out playing as they can jump around too much in the sun and end up getting heat stroke, very important for babies as well as they heat up so easily. Please keep an eye out for people around you and if you suspect someone has heatstroke phone an ambulance straight away.

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