Tips and tricks for staying cool in a heatwave 🌅♨️

As we are getting a heatwave in the UK right now with temperatures up to 40c, I thought it would be the right time to do a post on tips and tricks on how to stay cool. Hopefully you learn something new from this post and feel free to write your own hacks in the comment section if you have a good tip let us all know.

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During a heatwave you will sweat and this will cause dehydration which can make you susceptible to heatstroke and exhaustion, stay safe by drinking lots of water at intervals throughout the day! Get stocked up on bottled water in the fridge.

Cut out the Anti – Perspirant

Spraying to much anti – perspirant under your arms can block the body`s natural way of cooling down effectively.

Put your pillow or a towel in the fridge

This is a nifty little hack, about an hour before bed put your pillow into the fridge or a towel that you can lay your head on, that way you can fall asleep nice and cool on the hot nights.

Eat water rich foods

Melon, berries and cucumber should be on the menu and lots of ice lollies! Yummy.

Bring down your body temperature fast

If you need to bring down your body temperature fast, run cold water into a bath and get your feet in, put water onto your wrists and back of your neck, splash your face with cold water.

Use a desk fan for at home working

Invest in a small desk top fan that you can install in your home office without the nuisance of a large one making lots of noise, most smaller fans have less noise and you can point in your direction while you work at home.

Freeze your hot water bottle

This is a great hack, Just fill up your hot water bottle as usual, place it in the freezer all day then use it at night in bed to keep you nice and cool, no more tossing and turning. This one is good for kids and elderly.


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