Journaling for self-care | Keep a self-care and reflection diary | How to get started βœπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜πŸ˜‰

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Creating a self-care journal can be such a personal journey that will help you clarify your thoughts and feelings like never before, it can reduce stress and help you solve your problems faster. Its creative and personal and only your eyes will see this journal. Its a little secret oasis, full of thoughts, pictures, drawings, fantasies, ideas and even a whole host of strange things! You can go back and pause and reflect on past expressions, use collages and coloured pens to express thoughts, problems or ideas. Just get it all out.

When you were younger you may have kept a diary, where you record your daily goings on and thoughts and feelings, journaling for self care can be like this too. The difference is with this way of journaling is to ask yourself questions and answer them, delving into your subconscious. You can write poetry, even write out pretend letters to people.. however nasty they may be. It can be a great release to just let it all out. Trust me I have tried it. I once toke 30 minuets to journal out a 3 page letter ( obv it was never sent ) and by god did it feel fantastic. You can write in your journal a few times per week about anything.. and then look back on it at a later date and laugh, smile or cry. You can destroy it so you dont want anyone reading it. Trust me I look back on that letter and laugh now but i was upset at the time. It makes you learn so much about yourself.

Things you will need to get started

10 minuets free each week to write in ( or more depending on schedule )

A diary or notebook, preferably something that fits your personality

Ball point pens / Markers

Stickers or flowers for decoration

Coloured pencils

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To get started you can just begin writing about how your day went and then reread it and ask yourself questions, you will be surprised at your own answers, believe me !

You can also start by using prompts for topics and write answers to specific problems or thoughts you are having. For instance a good one is ” where do i see myself in 5 years time ” You can write a whole page on that topic and draw designs and add images. This will change as time goes on, but its a great reflection tool to go back to look at and make it more definitive.

Self care journaling can help, teenagers and adults with, stress, grief, big life transitions, depression and anxiety. It can make you more self aware about your ideals, your wants and needs and things can vastly improve your mental well-being.

I have compiled a post about prompts and questions you can use in your self-care journal if you are stuck for ideas, click here to see them. Remember its your journal and you can express yourself anyway you see fit inside it, that`s what makes it special.


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