Primark CBD Hair Serum | Review 😇🥰😍

As a beauty blogger I love discovering new products that just come out and helping my readers find new products to use in their self care routines, the cbd beauty range in primark is a big favourite for me so I was looking for some more eyelash serum when I found this little gem for £3.50 for 30ml pump bottle.

lovely little bottle- bargain price !

Directions for use are apply to damp or dry hair and then brush through, not a lot is needed. Cbd oil and aloe vera are in this hair serum, the benefits of which are…Aloe vera contains vitamins A, C, and E. This constributes to healthy hair growth and shiny hair. a tip would be to massage this serum into your hair and scalp with your fingertips to help the aloe vera get right onto the scalp.

CBD has been shown to help alopecia both through scientific research studies and by patient testimony! CBd oild applied to the scalp promotes a healthy scalp environment which will create healthy hair follicles and then in turn healthy hair, it can also strengthen your hair and prevent breakage.

Top tips for using primarks cbd hair oil are :

Apply a few pumps to your hands and fingers then give your scalp a massage, then run fingers down your hair. Finish off with brushing your hair with a paddle brush.

Apply it to damp hair and then leave it in a towel wrapped up for 10 mins or so before blow-drying your hair.

Add this to your usual conditioner or hair mask and let it sink in over 20 mins then wash off to get the benefits of the product.

I found this product made my hair sleek and shiny, added moisture and strength and saw alitle bit of hair growth, my hair felt less dry on my bleached ends, so if you have bleached hair on your ends I would apply this product to your ends. Have you tried this product if so what are your results ? Let us know in the comment section ??


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