Primark hair curler and straightener | 2 in 1| Review 💕🔥

For only 12 pounds at primark you can pick yourself up a 2 in 1 tool, a hair curler and straightener. This budget hair tool has a max temp of 200c, lockable handle and a 360 swivel cord for wase of use. It comes in a gold colour but it would be nice to maybe get other colours from primark, such a pink or blue.

In the box x

The locking is easy to use, you lock the plates in place and that creates the curler, see images below for the lock. I like the design of this product, for instance if you are going on holiday and don`t want to carry a curler and straighteners this is perfect as a nifty 2 in 1. You can create curls with just straighteners but not everyone knows how to do GHD curls. Overall this is a fantastic 2 in 1 budget hair product, see pictures below of looks I created using this 2 in 1!

Straighteners open and ready to go x
This is the lock button to lock plates in place to turn it into a curler, you simply flip the switch while plates are together to create a lock. So cool !
Once locked this is what they look like and ready to curl your hair with this barrel. Sweet x

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section?


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