Kylie Jenners New Glam Bar | Indroducing Kris Jenners new kris collection by kylie cosmetics | Episode 1 Review

Kylie jenner will be be doing her new glam bar videos on youtube, in each episode she will be joined by her family and close friends, she will create a glam look while chatting over sips and shots. Basically like a podcast taking part in a beauty salon type vibe! The first episode features the momager ! Kris jenner as her kris collection is launching soon in collaboration with kylie cosmetics.

The new Kris Collection by Kylie Cosmetics, launching September 14 at 9am pst only on

I love the pink vibes and the way kylie talks through each product she is applying and really knows whats she is doing like a proper makeup artist. You can tell kylie is so passionate about her cosmetics business. Watch kris and kylie show you the new kris collection in the video below..

I cant wait to see who will be on the next episode of kylie jenners glam bar? Maybe me one day ?? haha ! I think maybe khloe will be next or what about scott disick getting a face full of kylie cosmetics that would be so funny.

Whats your thoughts on kris jenners collabs with kylie ? and who do you think should sit on the glam bar next time ?


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