Primark Wet Look Lip Kit | Review 💫🥳

At primark you can find the wet look lip kits in cute tins for only 4 pounds each. There are a few different shades to choose from. I choose a dark pink, unlike some other lip kits out there that have a lip pencil along with the gloss. This primark lip kit has a lip crayon which Is interesting as usualy I would go for a pencil first for definition.

The tin is neat to store it in and has cute little window to see whats inside. I kept my tin along with a lip oil and a few other lip bits inside as the tin is big enough for more than the original crayon and lipgloss tube.

The quality of lip crayon is fantastic and also if you look at the pictures below you get a lot of lip crayon when you twist it out! There also a lot in the lipgloss tube aswell. The lipgloss has a really nice smell to it but it doesn`t say on the tin that its a flavoured lip kit.

Firstly I applied the crayon just like a lip liner around my lips and then use my finger to smugde it in all over the inner part of my lips, then i applied the gloss over the top. It had a great ” wet look” and the product stayed on for a whole day. The colour is exactly the same as the tube, usualy colours can be weak. Overall this product did exactly as advertised and id give it a 9/10. Improvemnts could be adding a lip brush to the tin ? or even a small lip balm and it would feel like more of a “kit”


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