Primark Review | 10 Magic Hair Clips | Kylie Jenner Hair Clip Dupes! 🔥

Pick up a pack of 10 magic hair clips at primark for only £2, Kylie cosmetics sells nearly the exact same ones at £8.50. They do the exact same thing! You can use your magic hair clips to keep your hair out your face will doing your skincare routine or applying makeup. The best thing about these cute little clips is that they do not leave a mark or crease in your hair. So I guess the “magic” part just means it does not crease your hair which is perfect for us fashionistas who want the perfect look.

So cute 😍

While washing your face or any other way you want hair out of your face these little clips are so worth it, They are 100 percent a dupe of kylie cosmetics clips. I found these so easy to use and they did not get stuck in my hair like some other clips do. A fantastic little bargain from primark haircare!

What do you think of these handy little clips, do you use them in your haircare routine ?


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