Lipgloss Hacks every Girl Should Know | DIY 💋

Do it yourself at home and use your clear or coloured lipgloss to create these fab looks!

Have some clear lipgloss ? this can double as a hair flyway tamer, you know those flyaways at the side of your head or your baby hairs on your forehead well you can tame them down using some clear lipgloss!

Use your lipgloss as a highlighter, on your cheekbones or your brow bone add a dab, you can use any colour lipgloss for this and it looks so fab. So next time your travelling with only a lipgloss remeber you can highlight your features with it aswell. use a sponge to blend into your cheekbones also work very well.

Wet look eyeshadow, apply it to your lids to give you that wet look eyeshadow effect, a dark peach looks stunning. mettalic lipglosses work best for the wet look.

As an eyeshadow primer, only use clear gloss as an eyeshadow primer, then apply your selected colour. This will give you some great staying power.

Peachy or rose coloured gloss can be used as a blush by being applied to the apples of your cheeks. Less id more with this trick, don`t go overboard!

Check out this amazing glossy lid look video below….


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