Clear lipgloss + Bronzer = Shimmer Lips 💋

With the cost of living crisis affecting millions across the country more and more woman will not be able to afford more makeup to add to their collections! You can do a lot with some old makeup palletes and you can also mess around and mix and match, makeup has no rules really. Below I will show you my tutorial on how to turn a 99p clear lipgloss into a beautiful expensive looking lipgloss you could easily have paid 10 pound for! All you need is an old bronzer, bronzer pallete or a powder highlighter and a clear lipgloss to get started.


This is such a fun DIY trick you can easily do in 2 minuets at home and it also saves you money, I also wrote about the other uses of lipgloss in an post here if your interested in those tips and tricks too.

Step by step

First step is to prep the lips, clean off any makeup!

Step 2 Add your clear gloss all over your lips

Step 3 take your bronzer of choice and dip your finger into it and do a circular motion, us your finger to dab the bronzer powder over your lips, you can add as much or little as you like.

If you dont want to use your finger you can use a lip brush, do not use the clear lipgloss wand as you will contaminate the wand with bronzer product.

The final look should be lovely shimmer lips that will look great in photographs, you could use dark brown bronzer, pale pink, shimmery bronzer! the list is endless. The great part about this trick is you need only such a small amount of powder and a 99p lipgloss tube.. how fab is that ?


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