My Mood | Nail Poilish Review | 💅

An exclusive vegan plant polish collection in an array of 60 shades that allows you to be BOLD, be HAPPY and most importantly; be YOURSELF from as little as £5.

Each polish is formulated with natural plant protein ingredients that do not compromise on quality, long-wear and finish. These fun and fabulous pots are also breathable, water permeable, non-toxic and cruelty free.

Exclusive to Boots

My mood “fire” from boots xx 😇 The colour looks more darker in real life and more vibrant, a little neon. The light doesnt do it proper justice x

I picked up a few My Mood nail polish colours as they looked really vibrant and high quality! In this review I am wearing ” Fire” which is a vibrant pink, instructions are to apply a base coat first then 2 coats of the colour and finish with a top coat. I did not use a base coat, although I applied a clear technic nail polish as the finish to create a nice shine. before I applied the finish coat for shine the actual nail polish colour itself had a bit of a shine already which was surprising. The colour does not disappoint and I had some photos taken at my window light which made the colour look amazing. If you had a bit of a tan or used this colour on holiday I think it would be stunning. It was really fast to dry too.


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