Fast and easy DIY nail art trick with a bobby pin | Create cute little love hearts on your nails | Nail art 💅

This neat little trick is to easy to learn and can create cute little love hearts on your nails, you will need to paint your nails a colour of your choice and let them dry, then pick out the colour you want the love hearts to be, grab yourself a bobby pin! After everything is dried I would recommend a top coat to seal in the nail art for longer wear. It can be tricky at first to learn, it did take me about 3 goes to get the hang of this when I learned the trick a few years ago. Trust me its a really great nail art hack.

You can do one love heart or 2 or 3 on each nail, you can angle them any way you want, you dip your bobby pin end into the colour of choice and basically create to little circles carefully sitting side by side and then dip again and create a little triangle at the bottom of the circles – see below pictures for the visuals.


I hope you enjoyed doing this at home, please leave a comment or like share or subscribe!


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