Primark Beauty | Blemish Gel | Tea Tree & Witch hazel | Review 🍃

Had a few blemishes on my face that would not calm down or go away so picked up this little blemish gel in primark for £1.50, I had saw it once or twice before but when I looked closer I saw it contains tea tree and witch hazel and I remember being told many years ago that woman would use witch hazel for breakouts on the face and that it worked very well.

It comes in a 15 ml squeeze tube, which is easy to squeeze just a little of the gel out to apply to the blemish area! It is also small enough for a travel bag and you can take it on holiday with you. Overall I had a good experience of this product, I applied the gel to blemishes I had for a few days and only a day later i saw them clear up then about half a day after that they were gone. I thought that was really impressive as when I have breakouts it takes up to 7 days or so to clear and applying creams only worsens the issue.

The gel itself felt really cool on the areas I applied, like a cooling agent, I tried not to touch the areas with the gel to give it time to work in. After 1 day i had a shower so it was washed off then. It`s a fast acting gel and I would recommend this to anyone who has breakouts.


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