10 Vaseline DIY Beauty Hacks

Got a tub of vaseline ? You will be surprised how much this product can do after you read this post. You can get vaseline in boots, superdrug, online etc. The hacks below are amazing !

Cracked heels, dry heels ? Put some vaseline on at night before bed and then pop some old socks on, inthe morning your heels should be nice and smooth.
Dying your hair at home? use vaseline around your hairline to repel the dye from sticking to your skin!
Dry lips ? Use a dab of vaseline on your lips before you apply your lipstick.
Run out of brow gel ? use a spoolie and some vaseline to apply to the brows to hold them into place and create the same look as brow gel would do, you can even mix some brow powder before you apply to hold the powder in place for longer, plus vaseline conditions your eyebrows.
Painting your nails ? add some vaseline along the sides of your nail bed on the skin to avoid painting parts of your skin, that can be so annoying when doing an at home diy manicure !
No Lip gloss? apply a bit of vaseline to add gloss to the lips, or apply over the top of lipstick to add shine.
Remove chewing gum from hair! Any kids in the family and you will know this happens a lot, use vaseline around the hair and chewing gum to easily loosen it out.
Dry between toes and fingers ? use vaseline between your toes and your fingers to have more smooth skin.
Sleek ponytail ? Putting in a sleek ponytail, use some vaseline to keep control of flyaways and also create a sleek pulled back look by combing it into your hair as you create the ponytail.
Bigger lashes ? Apply vaseline to a spoolie and apply like a mascara, be careful not to get it into your eye. leave it on overnight and use an eyelash curler, your eyelashes should appear glossy and fuller.


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