What does PMS do to a woman ? | Your Guide to Premenstrual syndrome

PMS ( premenstrual syndrome ) is the name that is given to the symptoms that woman can experience in the week before their period. Pre-menstrual meaning before Menstruation! For the majority of woman out there PMS can be mild, if you ahve severe PMS this has a name called premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) Although PMS is not the same for every woman, you can have different symptoms each month ranging in severity. It can also change as you get older, as a woman it is very important for you to listen to your body and know about your menstrual cycle and how everything works. PMS symptoms tend to end 24 hours after your menstruation begins.

PMS falls into different signs, emotional signs, physical signs or behavioral signs! Lets have a look at each of the signs and talk our way through them in the post.

Physical signs can be, Hunger and getting cravings for treats out of the blue! Cramps, yes those little cramps in your tummy that let you know your bleed is coming soon. Tender/Swollen breast, a mini boob job by mother nature! Your breast can be sore to touch and tender or some woman can go up one or two cup sizes. Muscle aches and a bloated tummy. Physical signs are different for each woman and very from month to month.

Emotional signs can be, Depression can arise suddenly during PMS and can be over very simple things in life. Mood swings and crying very easily at sad songs and movies…angry outbursts which you will need to sorry about later! You can feel tension in your body again the severity can be mild to extreme for each woman out there.

Behavioral signs can be, Forgetfulness and loss of mental focus… yes having your period on the way can make you forget keys and silly little things. Of course you will be more tired than usual while you have PMS but you might find it harder to sleep.

How to help and reduce PMS symptoms

Getting more exercise, such as going swimming or a nice walk

More sleep at night, such as 7 to 8 hours

More calcium and Vitamin D are a big help, numerous studies confirm this

Taking up yoga or a relaxing hobby to ease tension in your body

The shocking history of PMS being acknowledged

Did you know that PMS was only fully acknowledged in the 80s! How shocking, beforehand it had been seen as an imaginary illness, woman who were reporting symptoms were told it was all in their heads! I could not believe what I was reading on wikipedia, check it out below…

According to sociologist Carol Tavris, Western women are socially conditioned to expect PMS or to at least know of its existence, and they, therefore, report their symptoms accordingly.[23] The anthropologist Emily Martin argues that PMS is a cultural phenomenon that continues to grow in a positive feedback loop, and thus is a social construction that contributes to learned helplessness or convenient excuse.[citation needed] Tavris says that PMS is blamed as an explanation for rage or sadness.[

Wikipedia –

Carol Tavris, yes a woman ! Thinks that PMS is not real and we are all just making it up for fun… lol. That is probably the first time I have ever written lol in a post… but excuse me.. are you kidding me? So many woman in our past were silenced and it was not so long ago. Women used rags as makeshift pads, leading to the term “on the rag” becoming slang for menstruation, woman suffered. We live in a better time now, period products are given out for free in schools, colleges and universities nowadays and when you hear about what woman went through in the past it really makes you think how lucky we are now. Did you know that poverty stricken woman had periods that were irregular due to being malnourished. Sad thing is even though some countries have moved passed this old fashion view, there are some countries were girls are made to isolate due to being ” unclean ” or ” cursed “. Some girls out there have no access to period products or pain relief in 2022. Luckily there are great charities and organisations that are fighting to change this.

Some girls/woman in 2022 use grass, rags and paper…. A law has taken effect in Scotland to ensure period products are available free of charge to anyone who needs them. The Scottish government said it became the first in the world to legally protect the right to access free period products when its Period Products Act came into force. We need this law worldwide.

If you have been inspired by this post please visit the websites below to see how you can donate money or period products to those in need or get involved in fundraising. there are so many wonderful organisations out there making change.





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