The 1 minute ponytail trick | Tutorial | DIY 🥰😝

This ponytail trick can work if your hair is straight or curly, washed or unwashed. Its a good little trick to use while on the go and needing a quick hair fix. First off you need to brush your hair into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck secure a bobble. If you don`t have a brush on the go you can use your hands to run through your hair and then shape it into the nape of your neck and secure a bobble. This trick can look cute in messy hair and is perfect for that quick hair fix on holiday.

See images above for the visuals, although I will type out the steps too. Once your bobble is secure at the base, above the bobble make a hole by parting the hair with your fingers, make the hole from the back and pop your fingers through so they are facing you. Grab the existing ponytail and pull it through with your hand and pull. This will create a twisty look in the hair above the bobble. To tighten it up simple pull the ponytail into two halfs and pull apart to tighten up the bobble. You can pull at the twisty bits if you would like to make it look more fuller, this works if you have curly or more volume in the hair.

Once you learn this neat ponytail trick and get the steps memorised, you can achieve like look within one minute. Its so easy to do and looks so good. Another tip would be to leave out two sections at the front of your hair, like two little bangs, that looks so cute. Another little tip would be to grab some clear elastics and use clear as they cant be seen in your hair.


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