Primark | Chocolate Orange Lip Balm | Review 💋💋

Primark have some new lip balms on offer and I picked up this chocolate orange balm as chocolate orange tastes amazing. Only thing is it says “fragranced” not taste ! So it did not taste as chocolate orange as I assumed. As far as the balm it is great and makes my lips glossy and moisturised, you can smell a slightly chocolate orange fragrance a bit like the Terry’s chocolate.


I like the packaging and design, instead of a round lip balm tin it’s in a sqeezy tube which makes the serum last longer and be fresh for longer. If primark can do balms that taste fruity in squeeze tubes that would be better. Its a decent lip balm for only 1 pound and handy for travelling too.

What do you think of primarks lip balms ? and what is your favourite one ?


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