Tea Tree & Peppermint foot pack | 20 minute treatment 👌

You can get these foot packs for only one pound in savers or home bargains etc. You get one set of paper boots filled with moisturiser, you simply pop them on and leave for 10 to 15 minutes and then wash off for nice moisturised and soft feet. After you could use a puma stone to get rid of dry skin on the heels etc.

Only bad thing about this product is that you cant get up to walk as it is slippy and also the outside is also coated in mousturiser from being in the packet so it did make a mess on my floor. I just read and went on the laptop while I waited but I suppose you could do a face mask and paint your nails at the same time if you added foot packs to your beauty routine.

For 1 pound this was a fin little beauty treatment for my dry feet. After my feet really felt smooth and soft. The peppermint made my feet have a lovely cool effect which was lovely. Overall this product does work and is a fab wee bargain especially if you suffer from dry feet 😎


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