10 tips to keep your feet healthy and beautiful 👣

1. Cut your toenails always straight across and carefully, as cutting the edges or too far down may cause ingrown toenails which can be very painful. it can also lead to infections.

2. Inspecting your feet weekly will keep you on top of any problems in the early stages. Things to look out for are, swelling, blisters, dry skin, cuts and redness.

3. Use a moisturiser on your feet to keep them nice and smooth, although a good tip would be to be careful between the toes as trapped moisturiser between the toes can cause redness, itchy skin and lead to dampness which is not good!

4. Don`t ignore foot pain! please contact your GP and ask for advice.

5. Have a foot pamper day, you can use a foot massager or a basin of hot water with essential oils to ease your aches. Followed by moisturising and drying off your feet.

6. File your dry skin with a pumice stone and dont let it build up! You can file easier after having feet in a warm basin to soften the dry skin. There are foot masks available in shops now for only 1 pound, the are like face masks only for feet and they can be fantastic at helping remove dry skin so look out fo them.

7. Invest in great fitting trainers for sports activities, wearing the wrong size during repetitive activity can give you serious issues with your feet and toes such as a bunion & triggering infections. throw away old shoes as they have a lot of bacteria inside them that can affect your feet.

8. Pregnancy can sometimes cause your foot shape/size to change, invest in new shoes as walking will be hard during pregnancy.

9. Throw away old socks and always wear fresh socks that are not damp, damp socks can lead to foot infections as moist environments are a breeding ground for bacteria!

10. Self massage the feet to improve circulation, you can use your hands or a roller ball to rub your feet on at home.

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