Home remedies to get rid of nits | DIY | Easy step by step guide

Nits or head lice can be the worst thing to find in your hair, If you would like to treat them at home with some home remedies then read on and you will find some great hacks. Some things you may already have in your kitchen at home so you can save some money along the way. I hope you get rid of the head lice, remember if symptoms persist always see your GP.

Olive oil – Coat hair in olive oil and then put a shower cap on for about 30 minuets, use a nit comb or small comb to slide out the nits and the nits eggs. Olive oil can be very effective in getting out nits but if all the eggs are not cleared you may need over the counter medicine or something from the GP.

Coconut oil – Heat some coconut oil from a jar in the microwave and apply all over the scalp and hair, use a shower cap or some cling film to keep the hair warm. Wait at least 1 hour then comb nits/eggs out or wash. Coconut oil suffocates lice/nits so it is very effective. You may need to repeat this treatment.

Tea tree oil – This oil can kill off nits and eggs but it needs to be applied to a carrier oil such as coconut oil or olive oil, do not apply tea tree oil directly to the scalp ! Simply add a few drops to the coconut oil once you heat it in the microwave and stir then apply safely.

Lavender oil – This oil is the same as teat tree oil that you have to add to a carrier oil, such as olive or coconut oil. You only need 2 or 3 drops as it is very powerful. You can buy lavender water ( basically lavender oil mixed with water ) online which is just as effective against nits, you simply spray it into the scalp and hair! You can read here about lavender water for hair care.

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