How to make marshmallow pops ! | Perfect for birthdays and party`s! 🎉🥳🥂

Making marshmallow pops can be so fun to create at home, you can do this with your children it is that easy! First off you need a few bits and bobs. You might have some stuff in your kitchen already so go take a look before you hit the shops. These pops are a great addition for a family get together, a birthday or holiday !

You will need :

A large bag of medium marshmallows

pop sticks or straws

Some form of sprinkles ( chocolate flakes etc )

White or dark chocolate bar

A bowl

A spoon

A plate

First off break up the chocolate bar into the bowl and pop into the microwave and set it to 1 minute, don`t press yet! Pop all the marshmallows onto the ends of the straws or pop stick, be careful though not to pop them all the way through to the head. You can do 1 mallow or two, in my pictures I did 1 and 2!

What I used 😝

Once all the mallows are on the end of the sticks pop them all into a cup or your holder that you plan to display them in. Start the microwave, take out chocolate and stir it till it is soft. Dip the head of the mallow into the chocolate and then use your sprinkles straight away before the chocolate dries. You can sprinkle the sprinkles on by hand over a plate, or add them to the plate and dab the chocolate headed mallow into it.

Work through each mallow and put into the cup or display holder once done pop the mallow pops and the holder into the fridge, this will harden the chocolate. If they are for next day use you can keep them in all night. adding honey to the top of them adds a great taste too!

These mallow pops are delicious and you can be as creative as you want! everyone will love digging into these at party`s. Have you made these before ? Let me know in the comments section what things you add to your mallow pops ?

Finished 💙

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