How to use a facial roller | Get started with face rolling! 🙎‍♀️💓

Facial rollers are available in primark, superdrug, boots and countless other stores and websites online, a lot of woman all over the world own facial rollers but do they really know how to use the properly ? In this guide I will help you understand the ins and outs of ” face rolling ” and how you can benefit from it and add it into your self care routine!

Face rollers come in different sizes and shades, commonly made of rose quartz or jade! I have a mini jade roller ( see pictures below ) its the cutest thing and I can take it with me when I travel in a small bag! Face rolling is like a massage for your face and there are many benefits to face rolling which we will list below.

Benefits of face rolling

Improves blood circulation in your face

Reduce inflammation and puffiness in the face

Reduces stress

Provides relaxation

Can distribute skin care oils and creams more evenly around the face

Anti -ageing

How often should I do face rolling ?

Studies suggest only 10 mins per day can get you good results, such as brighter and less wrinkled skin, you do not have to do it everyday. a few times per week is enough. You can use the roller while applying your anti-ageing cream or oils and it will help the skin absorb better but be sure to rinse the roller afterwards !

A top tip would be to use two facial rollers at once to get it done quicker, one in each hand and do your facial rolling routine.

How to use the roller on my face ?

Ok guys there are a few really important points that you need to take note of, there is a RIGHT and WRONG way of using a facial roller on your skin that people are not aware of. a lot of people just start rolling away like crazy !Do not go back and forth, always roll upwards !

If you want a cooling effect you can easily store the facial roller in the fridge this can help tighten pores, add serums, cream and oils before rolling to get the most distribution from the product. If you are facial rolling your bare skin make sure you wash your face first as it works best on washed clean skin.

Some fantastic youtube videos on facial rolling to help you out!

Happy facial rolling !! Hopefully this post has helped you out a little on your face rolling journey xx

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