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Good afternoon friends,

This month we recieved another wonderful Birchbox, only a few months in and I’m extremely impressed with the products recieved.

This months 5 products came in a make up with the option to choose from the same bag in 2 colours, Blue or orange.
I opted for the bright blue – the bag is a decent size with a sturdy zip, plenty of room as a large make up bag, or wash bag for the gym, beach swimming pool or a weekend away.

Birchbox Accessories
Natural Green Jade Super Polished Gua Sha Full sized RRP £12
The first item I opened was a Facial massage tool to used over moisturizer, facial oil or cream
Depuff skin.
Similar to a jade roller, this Gua Sha can be smoothed over the skin to increasing blood flow for lymphatic drainage. Easy to clean and store in its own little pouch.

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6 Vitamin C Serums That Will Transform Your Skin

Kassy Rose Makeup Artistry

The vitamin that makes orange juice so nutritious also happens to be one the the most powerful players in skincare. Obviously, we’re talking vitamin C. 

Apart from being your saving grace during a cold that just won’t quit, the vitamin can help brighten dark spots, even out skin tone, and support collagen production. In other words, there’s a reason why there are so many serums with Vitamin C — it’s a versatile ingredient that can work wonders for the skin.

Whether your dermatologist recommended adding one to your routine, or your friend is swearing by their vitamin C splurge and you want in on the hype, here are a few of the best out right now. 

No7 Youthful Vitamin C Fresh Radiance Essence

At less than $30, you can’t really beat the price of this radiance-boosting vitamin C-based serum, which promises results in two weeks.

Buy at Target $25

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare C +…

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My biggest hairstyle change and how I’m treating my hair (with avocado hair mask recipe)

The Natural Glow Guide

My hair journey isn’t unique at all, and like so many, I’ve experienced a love-hate relationship with my brown tresses. After years of dyeing, straightening, and neglecting my hair, I decided to go heat-free. And while my hair is the healthiest it’s ever been, after many years of embracing my natural hair, it felt like my hair never fully healed.

The healing process was disheartening at times since many girls would comment on my hair. While I would change in PE, one girl would make a point to touch my hair and inspect my hair and say it looked “really dry”. There were also many instances when people told me my hair would look “so much better” if I just “did it” (a term referencing the straightening of your hair).

As I grew older and less susceptible to snarky comments, I realised there was absolutely nothing wrong with my type…

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Dr botanicals | Kiwi superfood eye serum | Review 🥝👀❤️

Kiwi superfood eye serum comes in a 15ml dropper bottle which you can easily use to apply the serum to your face. the serum is to be used around the eye area, you can gently pat the serum in and around the eye area after you apply. The serum feels very cold and cooling and really soaks into the skin. I though this serum would smell of kiwi and it does ever so slightly !

This product is cruelty free and also vegan, it also has 98.4 % natural ingredients !

Lets break down some of the features of the product :

eye serum

Kiwi fruit oil : helps to maintain moisture in the skin

Matrikine peptide 6 : helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles which is what we need around the eye area for those crows feet !

Grapefruit Essential Oil : High levels of vitamin c and helps reduce oily skin.

This product smells good, the packaging is nice. It does what it says it does, its very cooling around the eye area with no irritation or redness, I feel like it reduced my eye creases and smoothed out my skin. I like all the ingredients and I would recommend this product to anyone looking to treat or prevent eye are wrinkles and gaining more moisture around this area. | night night balm |lavender & chamomile | Review 🌃✨😴💤

Have sweet dreams with this lovely organic balm! Badgers Balm is a relaxing nighttime balm for adults and children to be applied to help calm you down and ease anxiety and bring on sleep. Check them out at

No GMOS, harsh chemicals or nasty stuff. This product is certified organic! In this night night balm we have a mix botanicals such as lavender, spearmint, caster, chamomile etc. All natural and beautiful ingredients perfect and safe for use on children.

You apply this balm to your temples, neck and wrists before bedtime or before a bath or any day you want to relax, For me I like to put it onto my wrists and then sniff the fragrance, its very nice. It does not feel sticky on the skin and I felt so much more relaxed and calmer.

Your guide to nail shapes | Tutorials | Tips & tricks 💅✨💋

While filing your nails I bet you don’t really think so much about your nail shape! In this post we will go over different styles of nail shapes and also a how to guide on how to file them into the shapes. its important to take into consideration your lifestyle when picking out nail shapes, stilletto nails are a no no for a hairdresser etc. if you are still unsure about following my instructions there are so many good tutorials on youtube on how to create shapes on filed nails. Happy filing !

First off we will start with the most common nail shape :

Round Nails : Round nails are the most common nail shape and are suitable for just about any woman, very suitable for people who are hairdressers or beauticians, to achieve this look file the free ridge from side wall to side wall in a round manner.

Square shape : This is a very glamorous classic nail shape, it will make any nail polish look fabulous. To achieve this look file the sides of the free ridge up and down and then file the tops straight across, These style of nails are perfect for an office girl who types and picks up the phone, as there are no pointy ends getting in the way.

Squoval or squared oval : The squoval is basically a squared off oval shape, to create this look create a square nail by filing the sides of the free ridge up and down and filing the tops straight across and then gently just round of the left and right sides ever so slightly to create the squoval vibe!

Oval shape : This shape is very similar looking to round shaped nails but there are differences, oval nails are longer and a bit higher and rounder will be smaller in height, the roundness on the sides of the oval nail are more prominent than on round ! To achieve this look you will keep the sides of the free ridge straight and like you are doing a square and then you would round of the right and left edges. Similar method to a squoval nail but on squoval the left and right edges of made obviously square and not rounded !

The best neon orange nail Polish | makeup revolution | Review 💅👍👋

Just wanted to share with you a very quick review of makeup revolutions neon orange nail polish, as you can see in the pictures it definitely delivers as being ” neon ” This is one of my all time favourite nail polishes. When you are outside the shine off it is even better it just seems to glow in the natural light and looks so so pretty !

You can find this nail polish online or instore at Superdrug, they also have more colours in the neon range to choose from. Let me know in the comment section what your thoughts are on the makeup revolutions neon nail polish, I think the neon nail range is the best on the market if I’m honest but who knows, does anyone have another neon polish to suggest ?

Ikrush | lucky dips | review | what did i get ? + styling 😉👡👗👚 like a few other fashion boutiques do mystery bags called ” lucky dips” they have a clothing one and a footwear one. you receive one item and can give them your shoesize and dress size and then wait on a surprise in the post! I ordered a few just for a bit of fun and I want to show you what I received and also how I styled it.

So in my lucky dips I received, a pair of black fluffy slippers, Black shiny boots, Brown leather style boots, velvety grey heeled boots and a green dress. See all the pictures below, it was a bit of hit and miss. The items I liked most were the brown boots and fluffy slippers.

Styling these boots up with a tracksuit and some leg warmers will look so good, plus the boots are so comfy inside and I don’t feel my heel rubbing when I walk so that’s really good. I’m going to take a look at what other shoes ikrush have online. I also got a green dress which is a little too big for me and just not my style at all was a bit disappointed as it would have been better if it was a t-shirt or hoodie but hey thats the whole point of the lucky dip.

Overall I enjoyed the process of waiting on my surprises and the fact I didn’t know what was coming, it was fun. So I would recommend lucky dips from online boutiques but there will always be items that you don’t like and that’s just part of the surprise because not everyone’s taste is the same.

Barry m | neon brights pallete | review + Swatches 🤔👎🤦‍♀️

This eyeshadow pallete retails at £7.99 instore and online, I was given this pallete as a gift and was very happy with it as I love neon eyeshadows… only to find that only about 2 shades in the pallete are actually neon… wtf ??

I hate misleading marketing and as blogger its my job to do reviews and give my honest opinion on products and this product is a big no no… I don’t understand how any body can get away with calling a pallete neon brights when only 2 shades are actually bright!

I would no recommend this pallete at all, some of the shades are so pastel they are weak and then some shades have some glitter in them which it does not state on the front. Barry M has lost me on this one. Its very plain to see they are ripping off thier fans by misleadingly calling it ” neon brights” there’s no way that’s neon at all.

When I done some swatches on my arm I used a camera flash and the only two shades that came up bright were the glittery yellow and the pale blue, under my camera light the pallette/swatches does look brighter but in real lighting the shades are so weak. Big disappointment ! I don’t think its possible to create neon eye looks with this product at all ;(

The shades I like the most are scorched and laser beam but overall I don’t like this pallette at all, its not bright enough for me. What are your opinions on this ?

Leave your thoughts and comment below!