All about hair removal | Different methods to try | Guide

Welcome to beauty-banters Hair removal page, here you will find out all different ways of hair removal along with tips and tricks to get you hair free !
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Scroll to the bottom of the page if you would like to read about hair removal reviews for some inspiration or simply click here to my reviews page. So lets get started and run through all the different methods of hair removal that are available to us with all the ins and outs. First off we will start with the universal razors!
Razors – Use a razor to carefully go over your legs, armpits or groin area, this is truly an art form to get right and doing it wrong can result in a lot of cuts and scratches. If you are a beginner I suggest asking an older woman in your family to teach you this.
Wax Strips – Wax strips are applied and the quickly taken off, taken them off slow will only prolong the pain, using wax strips will be painful but its a fast method, you can buy so many different brands of wax strips and use them on legs, underarms, pubic hair and your eyebrow’s.

Body & face Trimmers –

IPL Removal –

Hair removal Cream –

Threading –

Feeling ashamed of body hair ? or being hairy ? Don’t !
At one point in every girls life we have been put down or shamed for our body hair, maybe we didn’t shave our legs ( so what ?) maybe our face hair is dark because of our ethnicity ( so what ? ) Do not be worried about your body hair, it is 100 percent natural and we are all born with it. You should never ever feel down about it at all or think its not a natural part of life. There’s more to life than body hair! If anyone has something to say I bet they too are covered in body hair. 90 percent of woman all over the world take part in body hair removal as a beauty therapy. It is ok to have body hair and it is ok to want to remove it. just don’t make it that big of a deal.