The mahli cordless massager | Handheld deep tissue & percussion massager | 4 interchangeable attachments | Review

This cordless massager includes a white massage, 4 vibrational heads, charging cable and user manual. The heads are interchangeable allowing a personalised experience for different areas of the body. The ” U Head” can be used for spinal issues. The ” flat head” for full body. The big “globe head” for your muscles. The “cylinder Head” for joints!

This gun has 6 intensity levels, you can change intensity by pressing the power button swiftly. It charges via USB and will turn red when charging. I used my laptop to charge the gun when I first used it. It was really easy to follow the instructions for use, the power button is simple. Just hold in to turn on and press swiftly to change the intensity! The first head I used was the ” Globe Head ” which felt amazing on my leg and arm muscles. I felt so light when walking afterwards and felt the change almost right away. It feels like small little punches but the punches feel really good in a weird way.

I love that it`s wireless operational and can easily transported on holiday or anywhere you want to go, you can use it on yourself or others. You need to learn which areas not to use it on as some areas are more sensitive and prone to injury, do not use it on your cervical spine or ribs.

The benefits I felt after using this products were :

Less pain in my legs and feet ( yes I used it on the soles of my feet )

Easier to fall asleep

Felt less tension in my back!

Felt happier and it lifted my mood

I love this product so much and can`t wait to use this on everyone! at first it can feel like a bit of a strange sensation on your skin and vibration in your muscles but trust me the effects are so worth it. There are many massage guns on the market, online and on the high street, they really are a must have item!