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Nails ! The one thing you can get into shape without cardio…. You have no excuse not to add caring for your nails into your self care routine. This page has all you ned to know on nail shapes, nail health and designs etc. From being a nail queen to a complete beginner its all covered, hope you learn something new…
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Nail art tools guide – If you are interested in creating nail art looks at home you need a good set of nail art tools. read my informative guide to get started!

Your guide to nail shapes | Tutorial – Don`t know about nail shapes, your oval from your squoval ? This tutorial will have you shaping your nails at home in no time at all.

Nail Hack : Use coconut oil on your cuticles and skin surrounding your nail to condition and strengthen your nails and skin. Jar of coconut oil cost under £ 2 pounds and has many beauty uses !! Simply massage the oil in at night at least twice a week to see the difference!

Alternative uses for nail polish remover – Other interesting used for nail polish remover!

Nail art trick with a plaster 🙊💕 | DIY – Easy budget beauty hack you can do at home with a simple plaster, fast and easy.

Fast and easy DIY nail art trick with a bobby pin | create cute little love hearts on your nails | Nail art – Step by step guide to create cute little hearts on your nails with the help of a little bobby pin, great nail art hack !

Nail Product Reviews

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