Inecto Naturals | Nourishing avocado | Review

Inecto have a new avocado hair care range out that looks amazing, you can find inecto products in savers, bodycare, home bargains and morrisons for a great bargain price! Inecto are currently a growing brand and are doing very well and growing in popularity. Ofcourse they are vegan and cruelty free.

Nourish damaged hair with the inecto avocado hair oil. This wonderfully hydrating oil is infused with organic avocado oil for nourished, softer and smoother hair. I applied this oil to my hair when it was wet and brushed through, blow dried and styled. I found this product to work perfectly and do exactly as it says it would. My hair was softer and had a great shine. Overall this hair oil is really good and would recommend.

Lee Stafford | Hair Growth Serum | Review ✨⚡

Lee staffords stimulating scalp serum can be picked up at Boots and also lee staffords official website, you get 75ml of serum in a cute pink bottle with a dropper applicator to make it easier to apply to your scalp and roots. This product claims to fertilise follicles for a healthy scalp environment helping hair grow faster and longer, which is what us girls need if we are desperate to grow in longer locks. At £9.99 I think this a great price for a hair growth that actually delivers great results.

I have been using this serum for a few months now and I must say I am surprised at how long the bottle has lasted, there is still a good amount of serum in there. For me I have saw a few inches of growth and also my hair feels stronger. I also discovered if I apply it to my wet hair before blow drying it gives my hair an amazing shine and lets my hair stay healthy and shinier for longer. Directions for use are to apply at your scalp and roots then massage in and don`t rinse!

Overall in this review I would give this product a 10/10 in terms of presentation, price and effectiveness. The serum lasts a long time. It also contains lee staffords PRO GROWTH complex to help maintain stronger and healthier hair.

Glamoriser | Brush straightner | Review 💕💇‍♀️

Pink and pretty

You might have saw the viral videos going around featuring straightening brushes like this one, the girl brushes through and just like magic her hair is straight! A word of warning when using a product like this please be careful with your hands!! This brush heats up so fast!! I would recommend wearing heat proof gloves that you buy in beauty stores or Primark etc.

There are a lot on the market but I am reviewing a brush from in this post. This brush heats up so fast and you can easily press the buttons that say + and – and also the power button. Id say this is very simple to use although don’t forget yourself and think its like a normal brush as you might burn yourself!! You simply glide it down sections of hair, you can go over a few times and then your hair will be glossy and straight. NEVER USE THIS ON WET HAIR*

Comes with a nice storage pouch 😁

This brush comes with a very nice sleeve travel holder which is heat resistant, You can store it away easily. I like this product and it really does straighten your hair bust I think if you have very very curly hair its not suitable as you need straighteners to get right into the hair at the roots. overall this product saves time and I think it would be best used with straighteners for instance start going over with the brush all around the head then finish with straighteners to give you that little extra poker straight look. Have you used a hot brush before and if so what’s your opinions? comment below xx

Lee Stafford | Hair Growth Activation Leave-In Treatment | Review 💇‍♀️💕👌😜

Lee staffords hair growth mist is a must have if your currently growing your hair and need that extra few inches to grow, With PRO-GROWTH™ complex which is designed to strengthen hair from root to tip. Nutrient rich fruit extracts and a natural peptide, the Hair Growth Activation Leave-In Treatment works to anchor hair follicles into the root, leaving hair looking and feeling soft, healthy and nourished. This treatment is part of a wider range of hair growth products that lee stafford has, click here to view the website.

The mist also has caffeine! Studies of human hair follicles show that caffeine increases the amount of cell energy in them by acting against a protein called phosphodiesterase. It has also been shown to increase the protein insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF1), an important signalling molecule in promoting hair growth.

Pretty pink !

You simply just spray as close the scalp and brush through, I like to massage it in also. I use it on damp hair before blow drying or just throughout the week on my dry hair. So can use this hair mist almost every day! I find when I apply it to dry hair that’s messy then brush through it kinda gives my hair a bounce and a refresh. Overall this product is so easy to use and I love lee staffords pink aesthetic. Have you used this product and had any good hair growth results ? Let us know in the comment section below.

For healthy hair, brush 100 strokes a day! Or is that really true…. 😅🤔💯

You might have heard some old wives tales about beauty and the 100 strokes one is very popular. Some say if you brush your hair every night at least 100 strokes it will keep your hair nice and long and healthy. In this post we will look at the science behind this claim and see if it is really worth brushing your hair so often.

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The sebaceous glands produce oil to lubricate the scalp and hair, brushing is a good way to distribute the natural oils through the hair to the ends, resulting in shiny hair after brushing. If you want to brush your hair when it is not wet then a bristle brush would be perfect, gets rid of knots and distributes the natural oils.

Using the brush to gently massage your scalp ( before shampooing ) can increase bloodflow which can stimulate hair growth. So maybe we should be concentrating on a scalp massage each night or brushing and massaging with a certain brush then doing a few strokes throughout the hair.

Using a natural bristle brush is preferable if you want to distribute the natural oils through the hair, also people with frizzy or very curly hair need to be using a certain type of brush.

So brushing your hair 100 times a night is not needed! what’s needed is to be in know know about what brushes you ahould be using for your hair type and when its okay to brush hair, For instance after conditioning in the shower you are best to use a wide tooth comb to gently brush through your hair, hair stretches when wet and if you have bleached or damaged hair this is when brushes can cause breakage. Overall you want to be massaging your scalp in order the create strong long and healthy hair!

Cien hydrating shampoo and conditioner | Herbal essences dupe | Review ✨😉

Lidls Cien range have herbal essence dupes on sale for about 99pe each, The bottle is so similar to herbal essences design and also the look and feel of the product. I picked up cien hydrating shampoo and conditioner to review for all my readers.

Just like herbal essence 😊😉

“Cien deep hydrating shampoo/conditioner has been created to help give your hair deep moisture, for dry and damaged hair that requires nourishing, enjoy the fragrance of coconut extract as it helps replenish your hair. leaving your hair soft, silky and smelling amazing.”

So I was practising a bob cut on one of my training dolls heads and decided to test out these hair products on the dolls hair, the dolls hair has been bleached and also had a light pink applied to it and felt very damaged and dry. See pictures below. After blow-drying the hair I was surprised at how soft the hair felt and also had a brilliant shine to it. Id say this is a fantastic budget dupe of herbal essences haircare range and would recommend this for dry damaged hair, it also has 0% paraffin and for 400ml for about 99p that’s fantastic.

Good quality finish after a blow dry 👌
High shine 💯

Cien pro vitamin shampoo and conditioner | Lidl beauty | Review ✨💯

You can find budget beauty and hair care in lidl under the cien brand and today I am doing a review on the 300 ML pro vitamin shampoo and conditioner repair and protect which you can pick up in lidl for only 99p each, I have put it to the test to see if this is a haircare bargain or not. Also I have done a review of the cien coconut and lychee shampoo and conditioner click here to see!

Ok so lidls pro vitamin repair and protect shampoo and conditioner claims it is for damaged and dry hair, it all claims to make hair glossier and easy to comb through and that the pro vitamin b5 gently coats each strand without weighing it down ? Nourishes the hair etc etc…

So you wouldn’t really expect much of a 99p hair product, you would say maybe something around 6 pound or 10 would do all of that for your hair and a really cheap shampoo/conditioner would just be basic. I read on some other beauty blogs that there was a study where girls were given a hair product worth about 90 pounds and also a cien lidl shampoo/conditioner and didn’t know which was one they had, the results were that they liked the cien one better!

I found this shampoo and conditioner to be better than I thought, my hair was very shiney after blow drying and also felt less dry. It has a good fragrance and feels gentle on my scalp. have you tried anything from the cien range? let us know in the comment section ?

My hair is falling out…. what will i do

The main cause of hair loss is STRESS! Physical and psychological stress can cause hair loss, along with strain on the body such as going through childbirth. Several months after childbirth you can expect hair to fall out in shower etc. Also going through a trauma or recent illness can contribute to hair loss. Vitamin deficiency can impact hair loss, such as riboflavin, biotin, folate, and vitamin B12 deficiencies.

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Can it maybe be something more serious ?

yes!, hair loss can also be a symptom of a larger medical issue a person may have, like hypothyroidism or lupus.You need to make an appointment with your GP and get tested if you believe your hair loss is not linked to stress.

How to make your hair grow faster | facts & fiction | advice

So many girls out there are wanting their hair to grow faster, maybe they have damaged/hair loss hair due to extensions or had it cut way too short. We have all been there when we have wanted our hair to grow that just a little bit faster. Common knowledge in the hair in beauty world is :

The American Academy of Dermatology says that hair grows about 1/2 inch per month on average. That’s a grand total of about 6 inches per year for the hair on your head.

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6 inches per year! that’s not enough for people who are unhappy about hair thinning, hair loss or just really short hair, As a hairdresser I know about a lot of hair growth products and I also did some research on hair growth case studies, in some studies it was found that products/oils really did stimulate hair growth and so it is my personal belief that the official common knowledge about hair growth being only 1/2 inch a year is wrong!

If we follow the correct hair care advice from professionals and also keep ourselves healthy I do believe faster hair growth is POSIIBLE! although its not going to be overnight as some articles or youtube videos claim. I saw on youtube someone claiming growth in 5 days…. LMAO! If that was true we would all have long hair then wouldn’t be ?

If your hair is falling out then please click here, I have created a separate article on this as there are other elements at play for hair that falls out xx

Diet and nutrition is major for hair growth, Iron is fantastic for promoting hair growth and can be found in spinach. Iron is best absorbed with vitamin C and so a nice big glass of orange juice along side iron rich foods seems like a good idea. Iron, Omega-3 and Vitamin A will help to supercharge your follicles to promote healthy hair growth. See video below for more information.

Exercise can boost hair growth. This is because it increases blood circulation and the amount of oxygen and nutrients going to your scalp. This will ensure your follicles are getting everything they need to grow strong and healthy hair. Cardio and yoga are particularly good for this so you might want to add them into your routine if you want to achieve faster hair growth ! See video below for a good beginners yoga routine!

Another way of promoting hair growth is to create hair masks using oils and ingredients at home! Never put an essential oil directly on your scalp or skin!! You need to dilute them in whats called a carrier oil then apply. You can use coconut oil, olive oil as carrier oil etc. Lavender and rosemary oils are world renowned for promoting hair growth. See video below about tips on creating your own hair growth potion at home to save you the pennies.