How to grow thicker eyebrows | step by step

Thick eyebrows were not always the trend, as of now a lot of woman draw in eyebrows pretty thick or get treatments such as brow lamination and HD Brows. in this post we are going to talk about growing your eyebrows out naturally using different methods.

Massage some olive oil into your eyebrows before bed each night, just a little. Its rich in vitamin e and this will help your eyebrows get thicker!! Castor oil is also applied in this way but castor can be very very sticky!

Lavendar water – Apply some lavender water to your eyebrows or scalp. There is no studies to back up lavender as a hair growth enhancer but I have heard of this being used for eyebrows and hair growth and working ! Be warned do not apply lavender oil directly to skin, it needs a carrier oil or to be diluted in water first, hence I said lavender water.

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Take your vitamins – Having a healthy diet and taking your vitamins each day will increase your health and will in turn make hair grow faster. Healthy fats and protein contribute to healthy hair follicles! eat your greens and grow more beautiful !

Invest Organic Eyebrow Serums – Google organic eyebrow serums and you will find lots of products to choose from. Invest in one that take your fancy and apply it every few days. I have tried this with growths serums and they work, usually they come in a mascara style tube and you just brush it on!